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Word on the Street (testimonial excerpts)...

"Anytime I knew that I was going to be ministering with Isaac Sanchez..., whether it be him playing percussion (great), or drums (great) or recording, it's always going to be great!"

Hanz Ives (Worship Pastor--Harvest Christian Fellowship/Independent Artist)

"Isaac has the rare combination of passion and heart for music...I have worked with Isaac both as a leader and also as a player...and it was always a joy!"

Rob Rinderer (Independent Artist)

"I've worked with Isaac both in the studio and at live shows, and his abilities not only as a drummer and percussionist, but also in regard to creative arrangements are incredible. A joy to work with..."

Emily Simonian (Independent Artist)

"[Isaac's] desire to always bring high quality music while maintaining a great attitude and relationship has always been an inspiration to me and to everyone that I've ever seen him work with."

Joel Johns (Worship Pastor Eastside Christian Church)

"I have had the privilege leading worship with Isaac for many years, by far one of my favorite drummers/percussionists I've ever played with...An A-list player with an A-list heart for Jesus!"

Gabriel Velasquez (Pastor and Worship Leader--Revival Christian Fellowship)

“…I’ve always known [Isaac] to be a drummer who serves the music first….And everything he played was tasteful and musically relevant.”

Marcus Gerakos (Independent Recording Artist)

"[Isaac's] versatility and preparedness are unbeatable...He always has a fresh idea no matter what style music we’re playing."

Tiago D’Errico (Eastside Christian Church M.D., Eastside Semilla Worship Leader/M.D., Recording Engineer/Producer)

Give the Drummer Some!

Isaac picked-up a pair of sticks when he was 11 years old where he began playing worship services in his dad's Pentecostal church. Upon arriving in Orange County as a teenager with his family in the early ‘80s, Isaac kept himself busy drumming at his church. He always kept his finger on the pulse of the musical happenings and he continued to hone his craft, playing a variety of musical styles.

Eager to follow his Jazz leanings, Isaac joined the school's Jazz band at Fullerton High School, holding the drum seat for their Jazz Ensemble as well as their Vocal Jazz rhythm section just down the hallway. After high school, he set his sights on Fullerton Community College across the street, knowing their reputation for putting out highly recognized Jazz bands. As he finished his studies there he freelanced, playing with a variety of groups and/or independent artists, enjoying playing a myriad of styles. Since that Gospel music introduction at the beginning, he has been fortunate to study and play a variety of styles. To this day, authenticity of style continues to be his pursuit for every project he's asked to join.

After discovering the drums, he soon moved to hand percussion. Isaac recounts that one night in his late teens a Poncho Sanchez concert absolutely pushed him over the edge! He told himself that night, "I'VE GOT TO PLAY IN A BAND LIKE THAT!" Even if all he did was play a cowbell in a band like Poncho's, that would be enough! Since then, he has been creating music with a variety of hand percussion instruments.  Although that first introduction to percussion was Latin Jazz, Isaac quickly applied himself to both its traditional and modern uses.

From his home studio and through the convenience of the internet, he can help you with drum or percussion tracks for your recording project. Moreover, Isaac is very fortunate to have an incredible array of musicians, writers, arrangers and producers he works with who are ready to join him in crafting your creative musical ideas! Contact him to begin collaborating today!

Also, if you are interested in drum lessons, Isaac would love to help you with that. He teaches from his home studio and can be flexible about his schedule to accommodate a time to meet for lessons. So, contact him today to talk about setting-up a plan to get you playing some beats!

So, thanks for visiting!  Please follow Isaac on Twitter (@sanchez_isaac) and “Like” his Facebook page!  

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