Hanz Ives (Worship Pastor--Harvest Christian Fellowship/Independent Recording Artist)

A close muso friend of mine once shared with me the criteria he uses for whether or not he accepts gigs. It goes like this, you have to have 2 out of the 3 in order for it to be a good gig. The pay is good, the music is good, the fellowship is good. Anytime I knew that I was going to be ministering with Isaac Sanchez two of the 3 criteria were met right away because he makes great music and he is great to hang out with!! Whether it be him playing percussion (great), or drums (great) or recording it's always going to be great!!

Rob Rinderer (Independent Recording Artist)

Isaac has the rare combination of passion and heart for music and whatever else he is doing, and also a workmanlike and professional manner at the same time. I have worked with Isaac both as a leader and also as a player when he was leading, and it was always a joy! I wish more people would have the attitude Isaac has. I highly recommend him.

Emily Simonian (Independent Recording Artist)

I've worked with Isaac both in the studio and at live shows, and his abilities not only as a drummer and percussionist, but also in regard to creative arrangements are incredible. A joy to work with and always very encouraging, his great work ethic and talents make him a sought-after producer, teacher and session musician that I am proud to say I have performed with.

Joel Johns (Worship Pastor, Eastside Christian Church)

Isaac Sanchez is a trusted friend and gifted teacher and musician. His desire to always bring high quality music while maintaining a great attitude and relationship has always been an inspiration to me and to everyone that I've ever seen him work with. I couldn't more highly recommend him!

Gabriel Velasquez (Pastor and Worship Leader--Revival Christian Fellowship)

I have had the privilege leading worship with Isaac for many years, by far one of my favorite drummers/percussionists I've ever played with.  What sets him apart from other drummers is that he also directs the band from the kit!  That is one less thing I have to think about.  Isaac is always on the cutting edge of creativity, whether programming beats or adding his style to make the song better!  An A-list player with an A-list heart for Jesus!

Marcus Gerakos (Independent Recording Artist)

In the years I've known Isaac, I've always known him to be a drummer who serves the music first. It's no coincidence that in most of the pictures you see of him in performance or in the studio he has his eyes closed and is listening intently. He is focused completely on what the music calls for. As a member of my band Escenas, he always put the music first. He took great care to learn the Afro-Cuban tradition from the ground up. And everything he played was tasteful and musically relevant. I wholeheartedly recommend Isaac in every professional capacity--recording, performing, and teaching. He always puts the music first.

Tiago D’Errico (Eastside Christian Church M.D., Eastside Semilla Worship Leader/M.D., Recording Engineer/Producer)

It’s a pleasure to work with Isaac. His versatility and preparedness are unbeatable, and his talent is as big as his desire to serve the music. He always has a fresh idea no matter what style music we’re playing. Moreover, he is an amazing personality to have around in any environment--musical or otherwise. And, he not only can sing, but he can sing from behind the drum kit—a rare talent!

More testimonials are on the way!


Isaac has performed and/or recorded with:

Raymond Gregory

Marcus Gerakos

Hector Hermosillo

Hanz Ives

Joel Johns

Crystal Lewis

Mickeal McCool

Emily Simonian

Gabriel Velasquez

Hilary Watson

Tyrone Wells

Steve Wiggins

Mykeljon Winkle